Famine Commemoration

panel2-1The Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine (1845-1848) is located at the Hyde Park Barracks, on Macquarie Street, Sydney, Australia. The monument was inspired by the arrival in Australia of over 4,000 single young women, most of whom were teenaged orphans. They arrived under a special emigration scheme designed to resettle destitute girls from the workhouses of Ireland during the Great Famine. The Great Irish Famine Commemoration Committee (GIFCC) have broadened their activities to commemorate all who left their homes seeking a new life in the colonies and States of Australia but these workhouse orphan girls and the historical links back to Ireland remain the focus of this project.

The Great Irish Famine Commemoration Committee (GIFCC) in Sydney is hosting the International Famine Commemoration from 23rd to 25th August 2013. (see below)

Nature of event: The 14th Annual Famine Memorial

Where:  Dinner in NSW Parliament HouseFriday 23 August 2013
Seminar in NSW Parliament Theatrette, Saturday 24 August 2013
14th Annual Gathering at the Famine Memorial at Hyde Park Barracks, Sunday 25 August 2013 –

When:  Friday 23rd August to Sunday 25th August.

Cost:  $145 for dinner; $40 for seminar; $10 for annual Gathering

Further information: Famine Commemoration; Irish Famine memorial;