Tommy Fleming Tour

BL5Q6922aTommy Fleming has many times been described as ‘The Voice of Ireland’; he is one of their top entertainers whose hugely successful career spans 20 years with album sales exceeding 1.5 million globally. Tommy has already brought his mesmerising voice to audiences around the world, performing in such prestigious venues such as New York’s Carnegie Hall. Tommy  returns to Australia in May to celebrate the release of his first new album in six years, BEGIN, out 5 April, and to tour Australia for the third time:

‘I love coming to Australia. I can’t wait to return because I love the people and the easy going way they live their lives and of course the weather’ he says, ‘It really feels like my home away from home.’

News of Tommy’s new album and his third Australian tour is sure to delight his legion of Aussie fans and reinstate his reputation of drawing capacity crowds during his previous Australian tours.

2012 was a year Tommy Fleming describes as the toughest year of his and his family’s life. In March 2012 he suffered a huge blow with the loss of both his parents when they unexpectedly passed away within hours of each other. In the months that followed Tommy took a long break from his career and evaluated his life, his music and what steps he now needed to take, and now he returns to his more traditional folk roots releasing a collection of emotional heart wrenching songs to make up his new album BEGIN.

The album, which Tommy describes as the most cathartic work he has ever done, is a collection of 15 songs inspired by the influences he has received throughout his career and is a personal tribute to his beloved mother and father. Tommy admits that recording and working on the album helped him come to terms with the death of his parents and gave him the strength to BEGIN again.

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