Luka Bloom

IMG_4361An internationally acclaimed singer‐songwriter, and recording artist; Luka Bloom has enjoyed twenty two years of success worldwide. Since the release of one of the all‐time Irish classics ‘Riverside’ in 1990, people from all corners of the globe have embraced the true beauty of this remarkable musician. Luka returns in March 2013 for his 11th Australian tour to celebrate his career which has spanned over two decades.

After spending a couple of years looking back on his long career with a reworking of his classics, Luka begins book 2 of his musical history with a new album aptly titled This New Morning. The Kildare native takes the traditions of Irish musical storytelling to heart on this album, using the folk medium to comment on the issues of our time and in the process, leave an archive for the next generation. Bloom continues to shake up the genre with clever chord sequences and arrangements, while still retaining folk’s core values of story telling and commentary.

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