Celtic Thunder in Australia

Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder

Gracing our shores next month thanks to Nine Live is the very popular group ‘Celtic Thunder’.

Their many fans will be delighted to hear again their rousing ballads and gentle love songs, traditional folk and Gaelic renditions, popular covers and original songs written for them by well known Irish songwriters and Derry composer Phil Coulter. Backed by musicians from the Celtic Concert Orchestra and featuring the Celtic bagpipes, their presentations are dynamic and visually pleasing and sophisticated.

The group consists of six members but only five are touring Australia in 2013. George is the senior member of the group and the only Scotsman; Ryan the ‘dark destroyer’ and Neil, the remarkable guitarist, come from a folk background; Keith Harkin is the resident heartthrob; and Emmet Cahill, who replaced Paul Byrom in 2010 when the latter left the group to pursue a solo career

They are all multi-instrumentalists and come from all over Ireland (except George). Each one’s unique style, particular skills and expertise are evident and well demonstrated in their solo performances. But they merge effortlessly together in the ensemble numbers to produce spectacular and moving performances such as ‘Ireland’s’ Call’, for which the group is renowned.

Celtic Thunder were created and produced by Sharon Browne (who also produced ‘Celtic Women’). They are led by musical director Phil Coulter, who composed many of the original songs created especially for them.

Over the past few years they have toured the world several times and have a broad fan base in Europe, the USA and Canada, New Zealand as well as Ireland and Scotland. Australia has one of their largest followings. Because of their popularity, SBS Australia has been an ongoing promoter and recently presented their hugely successful and popular Christmas Show on SBS 1.

They will be appearing in Melbourne at Hisense Arena on Feb 9th and at Geelong Arena on Feb 7th. Tickets are selling fast and can be obtained through Ticketek.

Celtic Thunder is unlike any other Celtic group and presents a unique and entertaining show for all age groups and anyone who appreciates a really good performance!

Catherine Arthur

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