The Irish Writers’ Centre

The Irish Writers’ Centre is a non-profit organisation which promotes Irish writers, and literature, at home and abroad. It aims to support established and aspiring writers.

The Irish Writers’ Centre was founded in 1987 and its permanent home at 19 Parnell Square, Dublin, was opened to aspiring writers in 1991. Its programming is diverse and includes creative writing workshops, seminars, lectures and readings. Students and course participants benefit from the guidance and insight of established poets, novelists, and short story writers and regularly become successful published authors themselves! Writing groups also meet at the Centre to exchange ideas and develop their writing.

The Centre is open and available to the reading public, and provides many opportunities for people to come and be part of this thriving literary community.

The Writers’ Centre network is expanding throughout Ireland, and connecting with literary interests around the world. The Centre is a peaceful sanctuary for writers escaping the distractions of the world. Free internet access is provided to the membership, whether writers or readers in Ireland and worldwide. Visitors are always welcome at the beautiful Georgian building and art collection where the Centre is housed.