Fáilte – the new Tinteán

Welcome to the new look on-line edition of Tinteán!

After much discussion and several in-services, the Tinteán editorial committee decided to continue the magazine on-line. Our website has been updated and while the format has changed, the issues, topics and news and views addressed in the magazine version of Tinteán have not.

Hardly a day goes by without some item of Australian/Irish interest appearing in the media. The articles, features and news items published in the print version of Tinteán reflected and provided commentary on such items. These included:

  • human interest stories involving members of the Irish diaspora;
  • reports of hope/gloom about the Irish economy;
  • controversial articles about the role of the Irish in the settlement and prosperous development of Australia;
  • genealogical and general interest accounts of our Irish forebears.

The positive feedback we got from our readers would seem to indicate an ongoing and vital interest in what it means to be Australian Irish in the 21st century. In addition we explored, through wide-ranging reviews of literature, drama, music and film, those literary (including poetry), cultural religious and occasionally sporting developments in Ireland, which we judged to be of interest to our readership.

This seems to be a good time to recall the original objectives of the Australian Irish Heritage Network, which appeared in every issue of the print version of Tinteán:

The Australian Irish Heritage Network aims to build the social, cultural, sporting, historical, and literary consciousness of Irish Australians and to explore and celebrate the development of Irish heritage and culture in Australia.

I believe Tinteán, the print magazine of the AIHN, achieved these lofty aims!

Now our vision is to continue to explore these aims through our new website. Our focus hasn’t changed. Again to quote our initial objectives:

The focus of the magazine is to build and explore the Australian Irish identity. We welcome material, which explores the big themes of exile, diaspora and settlement. We also encourage the telling of the micro-stories that express narratives of individuals and families. We aim to continually study the political and economic evolution of Ireland and the contribution Irish-Australians have made to Australia. Our intention is to explore and celebrate the playing out of the Irish heritage in Australia – past, present and future.

Our aim in producing the print magazine was to encourage this ongoing exploration of what it is to be ‘Australian Irish’ and/or a member of the Irish diaspora. We are committed to continuing this quest in the on-line edition of the magazine.

We welcome articles on relevant topics, reviews, poetry, comments and ideas. We retain the right to decide what we publish on the website. We ask you, our readers, to encourage family and friends to subscribe also – it’s free!

Tinteán – meaning hearth in Gaelic and pronounced ‘Tintawn’ – the fada on the á giving the syllable the dominant stress and ‘augh’ (as in ‘taught’) sound.