Tinteán – A Magazine for Irish Australia

Tinteán online is a magazine for all those interested in their own Australian-Irish heritage or in Australian-Irish history and culture, and the Irish diaspora more generally.

It is an independent, unaligned and inclusive production. As the high quality print version of the magazine of the Australian Irish Heritage Network, Tinteán was published for twenty issues over five years, before it was decided to go online in November 2012.

The magazine’s brief is wide. It reports and comments on issues and events in both Australia and Ireland which we believe are of interest to both our Australian Irish and disapora readership.  Our aim is to provide serious comment and an independent perspective on a wide range of Australian/Irish topics.

As we did in our initial editorial we would like to recall the original objectives of the Australian Irish Heritage Network, which appeared in every issue of the print version of Tinteán:

The Australian Irish Heritage Network aims to build the social, cultural, sporting, historical, and literary consciousness of Irish Australians and to explore and celebrate the development of Irish heritage and culture in Australia.

We believe that Tinteán online  continues to achieve this aim.

The magazine has been doing very well – over 48,000 views in 2019, and 11,000 in the first three months of 2020 –  far exceeding its reach as a glossy print magazine. Its readership comes from all over the world, as well as Australia. Surprisingly there is quite a strong representation of readers from Ireland, as well as the UK and US. But many more countries are represented in the stats!

We welcome contributions from subscribers, and others, who are interested in the maintenance and fostering of the Irish-Australian tradition in our society.

We seek:

  • thoughtful and/or controversial articles about the role of the Irish in the settlement and prosperous development of Australia;
  • genealogical and general interest accounts of our Irish forebears including obituaries;
  • features on contemporary Australian-Irish issues;
  • relevant book reviews or suggestions for reviews;
  • reviews of theatre/films/music/conferences/travel;
  • regular columnists for items on food/sport/music/art/economics/Irish business matters; we are open to suggestions!
  • poetry;
  • information about upcoming entertainment and educational events in Australia and Ireland;

If you have an idea for a submission or would like to submit it to us send it to Frank or Frances: info@tintean.org.au  All submissions are edited in consultation within the editorial team and, if necessary, with the writers. We are especially keen to attract  newly arrived Irish immigrants, and  encourage participants of all ages!

All our previous posts are archived on the website. In addition, all twenty issues of the print magazine and a comprehensive index are also archived online. Subscription is free and you can subscribe from the Tinteán website.  A monthly enewsletter with the latest news/articles/reviews/etc will arrive in your email on a monthly basis.

We very much appreciate your support in the past and look forward to your ongoing involvement in the future.

Tinteán Editorial Team
Tinteán online is managed by a small but dedicated editorial team, Frances Devlin-Glass, Dymphna Lonergan, Shauna Stanley, Frank O’Shea and most recently, Trevor McClaughlin, who take it in turns to sit in the editor’s chair and direct operations. We are constantly amazed and heartened by the steady flow of contributions for our ‘posts’ and the positive response of you, our subscribers.