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Tóibín being <strong>Tóibín.</strong>

Tóibín being Tóibín.

Book Review by Frank O’Shea A GUEST AT THE FEAST. By Colm Tóibín. Picador 2022. 305 pp. $34.99 Colm Tóibín is the current Laureate for Irish Fiction, succeeding Sebastian Barry. As part of that role, he will be expected to deliver a number of public lectures; it is not clear whether this book is part … Continue reading

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Commemorations and Protest Poetry

Commemorations and Protest Poetry

Many of the participating poets had been enthusiastic supporters of the Gaelic League – Irish language advocates, poets, playwrights, newspaper writers on cultural and socialist matters. Their loss must have been a severe one to the emergent Free State. Continue reading