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Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

I usually held my father’s hand and would walk on the outside of the path as the hedges and bushes we passed seemed to develop a sinister aspect in the night shadows. Our footsteps resonated in the silence of the night. No memory of the cold temperatures of those nights remains with me. Only the joy of the special experience. Continue reading

My first Christmas in Australia

by Eda Payne My first Christmas in Australia was spent in 1959 in Renmark, a South Australian town on the River Murray.  We erected a big marquee in the middle of a paddock.  The heat was intense, every fly in Australia had settled there and the food was spread out in abundance on the groaning … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

Walking to the church in the cold and dark, we snuggled into new coats, hats and gloves and counted the lighted candles that stood in each window to welcome the Christ Child. Continue reading