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Edward Eagar, Forger and Emancipist

A Feature by Mike Pinnock Edward Eagar was one of ten children born into a family of landed gentry on his parent’s estate of Gortdromakiery in the parish of Killarney, County Kerry in 1787. He benefitted from a privileged upbringing; he was, from an early age, privately tutored on the estate by his father before … Continue reading

Remembering the Troubles

Remembering the Troubles

These oral histories detail the ordinary activist – those from working-class backgrounds who, in contrast to the revolutionary élite, rarely recorded their thoughts in letters, diaries or memoirs. Continue reading

‘Ulysses’ in the dock

For those with a literary bent, with legal training, interested in censorship or with a James Joyce obsession, this book about the American trials in which Ulysses was alleged to be pornographic is an engaging and enlightening read. Continue reading