Siamsa Tire – Learn Dancing online

What if there were a way that allowed everyone to connect with Irish culture?  To learn some songs, the steps of a few dances, or even a few tunes from wherever they were in the world?

It seems like a tall order but it’s exactly what Siamsa Tíre, The National Folk Theatre of Ireland, hopes to achieve in 2022.  Siamsa Tíre’s purpose has always been to share the tradition, to sustain and pass on the music, song, and dance of Ireland from one generation to the next, as the travelling dance masters and musicians did long ago.

That’s exactly what it’s been doing in Tralee for more than half a century.  Young people from all over Kerry attend its National Folk Theatre Training Academy where they learn music, song, and dance from this generation’s masters of the tradition. Those masters are now bringing these classes to the wider world, with classes being offered to people of all ages and levels of experience. 

There are in-person classes for both adults and children at the theatre in Tralee, as well as on-demand online classes for people of all ages, starting from age seven.  This means that the wealth of tradition at Siamsa Tíre can now be shared with everyone, no matter where they are in Ireland or the world, what age they are, or how much or how little they know about our traditional song, music, and dance.

By taking part in these classes, everyone can immerse themselves in the world of traditional Irish culture and have fun dancing, singing, and making music in the process.

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