Trí scannán by Colin Ryan

Trí scannán


Tagann an bhean inár dtreo
ag gabháil
thar imeall an fhráma
na scamaill thiar ina gcarn
an ghaoth aniar thar pháirceanna
is seál na mná fágtha
mar chomhartha ar an mbóthar

The woman comes towards us, going past the edge of the frame; the clouds piled in the west, the wind blowing thence over the fields; and the woman’s shawl left as a sign on the road.


An fear ag rith
trí lánaí
um thráthnóna
na madraí ag tafann
an t-am ag imeacht
an t-am ina stad
trí urchar

The man running through lanes at evening, dogs barking, time passing, time stopped: three shots.


Cailín amú

i gcuilithe staire
í díocasach
an impireacht
i ngúnaí áille
san aimsir úd
na sráideanna
ag dorchú

A girl lost in history’s vortex, eager and grieving; the empire in lovely dresses at that time; the streets growing dark.

Melbourne’s Colin Ryan is a short story writer and a poet who contributes regularly to Tinteán. The Museum of Literature Ireland says that Colin Ryan is a unique writer based in Melbourne, who has chosen Irish as his literary language and gives it a unique Australian twist. He was raised in the south-east rural Australia, where his Irish ancestors first settle in the 1860s. settled but now lives in Melbourne.’ His published poetry collections are Corraí na Nathrach and Rogha. Ceo Bruithne and Teachtaireacht are his short story collections available from