Ulysses for more Advanced Readers

‘Melodiosities in Pure Effusion’

At the Introductory Joyce course conducted at the Celtic Club in February of this year, there was a call for more intensive courses on Ulysses as a follow up.  The first of these happens on 11 November 2012, 10am-4pm at the Celtic Club. It will take a close look at four experimental chapters: Nausicaa, Cyclops, Circe and Ithaca.  These chapters mainly focus on Bloom, but they show Joyce at his most exuberant, going over the top continually, and to huge comic effect. In addition to addressing the nature of the experimental writing, the course will tackle Joyce’s big and radical ideas: his take on the romance tradition, his probing critique of nationalism, his plunge into psychoanalysis and dreams, and his (grounded!) cosmology, ontology and foray into moral issues. Never a one to shy away from challenge, Joyce tackles serious topics in the spirit of comedy, so the course will also underline how very funny the novel is and the uses of subversive laughter.

The course will be taught by Frances Devlin-Glass, who has a long track-record in teaching Joyce at tertiary level (but also to second language learners) and bringing him to the stage.

A more detailed look at the curriculum can be found at Bloomsday in Melbourne: Advanced Courses.

And bookings are open by phoning 03 9898 2900 or online. It is open to anyone with a working familiarity with Ulysses.

If you feel you need to start somewhere less ambitious, bookings are also open for a repeat of the Introductory course in February of next year.

Bloomsday plans to mount a second advanced course on the Stephen chapters, if there is appetite for it.