Flinders Moon by David Harris

Flinders Moon

Flinders Ranges hilltop, full moon eve.
Sun sinks onto horizon, bright sliver left,
its brilliant line shrinks, shrinks and disappears.
I turn around to look toward the east.

Above the purple hills, now shows a line
of yellow-orange light. It widens, grows,
ascends, now leaves the dark horizon;
a huge, deep orange ball is the full moon.

Of course, we know that full moon rise
and sunset must occur together, but
in this magic setting, darkness, stillness,
mountain top and sky, it is much more.

I am the pivot of a line from sun to moon,
my arms control their movement. I feel
connected with the cosmos and the Earth.
I trudge back to my tent – contentment filled.


David Harris is a member of The Friendly Street Poets in Adelaide