Mud and Blood by Meg McNena


A new play, Mud and Blood by Meg McNena, about the bravery and sacrifices of World War 1 soldiers who served under legendary Australian commander, General Pompey Elliott, will be staged at the Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds on 31 August 2018.
Pompey Elliott led the Essendon Rifles and took most of them with him to WWI. The play powerfully captures in battle and at home the courage of Australian men and women. How Elliott and a soldier’s mother deal with his vow to look after ‘his boys’ in war drives the drama. 
We are excited to stage it at The Clocktower, formerly the old Essendon Town Hall, from where Pompey’s 7th Battalion was farewelled to WWI. The contribution of women and their struggles are also pivotal to the play. 
The matinee performance at 12.00pm has a Q&A afterwards to engage the audience and a WWI talk by Ross McMullin, awarded historian and author of two books on Pompey Elliott (included in the matinee price).
Please help to spread the news of the play and the history it shows in Mud and Blood. We want to encourage attendance and sharing this history of a remarkable man, who looked out for the people around him against all odds.
A brilliant cast and skilled production team are under the powerful direction of Alice Bishop, who has been nominated for a Green Room Award for best director. Mud and Blood is written by awarded local writer, Meg McNena.
The Mud and Blood Team are working hard to bring you an outstanding play. Please help us gain an audience and support.
Bookings can be made at Clocktower Centre   or Ph: 9243 9191
or   tax deductible donations can be made to help us make it happen
https://australianculturalfund -a-world-war-one-play/
Many thanks again for helping us to get the word about this play out there
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Hi there , I am currently overseas so unfortunately missed the performance of “Mud and Blood”. I was wondering if there are any plans to stage it again this year? Thanks and Regards Gill Farrell

    • Hi Gillian, we don’t know of any plans for another performance of Meg’s play but watch this space! Liz McKenzie

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