Luka Bloom Tour 2016

Nature of event: Luka Bloom Tour 2016

Where: various venues. see: Luka Bloom Australian Tour February/March 2016

When: February and March 2016. See Luka Bloom Tour information above.

Cost: see venues

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With a poet’s heart and a rockstar’s soul, Luka Bloom is regarded as one of Ireland’s best-respected contemporary folk artists, having produced 20 albums since the 1970s, Bloom continues to push the boundaries of what his music can do.

An internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, and recording artist Luka Bloom has enjoyed over two decades of success worldwide. Since the release of one of the all-time Irish classic ‘Riverside’ in 1990, people from all corners of the globe have embraced the true beauty of this remarkable musician. Luka returns in 2016 for his 12th Australian tour, to the country he loves as much as his homeland.

With this new tour is a new album FRUGALISTO.  Australia is the country where the new record will be first released, and he is thrilled about that.  The song Frúgalisto was inspired by an amazing group of young men and women who live near him in the West of Ireland. They are people with 2 particular passions in life. They are surfers, but more importantly, they are actively devoted to sustainable lives, working with the earth, without destroying her. Many of the songs on this record are inspired by the people where he lives.  And one of the songs is called Australia.

It is a simple love song to a country that means so much to me; a place I have missed this past 3 years. I can’t wait to sing my new songs in Australia.  And am thrilled that the first tour in my calendar for 2016, is Australia. said Luka.

Luka’s appearance at the Pink Pop Festival in the Netherlands in 1991 is considered the start of his breakthrough in Europe.  In 1992 Luka headed down under for his first extensive tour of Australia.  His love affair with Australia had begun.  He says “…in truth, I spend 2 months out of 24 in Australia and the next 22 waiting to return….”

One of the most amazing experiences of my working life happened in Australia in June 2011.  I was invited by the organisation Dalai Lama Australia to come down and sing a particular song (As I Waved Goodbye) before he spoke each evening.  It was an unforgettable experience for many reasons.

Like many who write songs, Luka’s orchestra of choice is the guitar. What makes his career a little different is his constant search for a new voice within the guitar. The guitar is the landscape on which the song is created, and he is forever probing that landscape for new inspiration. No effects, no gadgets. Time, effort and a whole lot of love bring forth new voicings within the instrument, and bit by bit, the songs come to life. And eventually they fly, bringing Luka with them to be heard in Byron Bay, San Francisco, Hamburg, or even Doolin.

Luka Bloom has the power to bring audiences to a hush as his poetic lyrics bounce over melodies in a beautiful, captivating way. The same artist can rouse the spirit of the audience to the ceiling when he changes the tempo.  .

Luka’s live performances are summed in his own words.

‘Every gig is precious. Whether the Spa in Lisdoonvarna, Carre in Amsterdam, or the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, the privilege is the same, as is the commitment to the gig.’