Ireland goes flat in the Eurovision song contest

Sadly, given the clear interest of many readers, Ireland has failed to qualify for the Eurovision final: the first time this has happened since 2009. Ireland has had poor results two years in a row – last year Ryan Dolan singing ‘Only Love Survives’ made it to the final but placed last. Ireland’s act was a contemporary pop number styled in a Celtic vein: Kasey Smith wore a gold encrusted dress and gold neckpiece evoking Game of Thrones, and the act also features fiddle and bodhrán playing and Irish dancing.

Kasey Smith: Ireland's Eurovision entry 2014

Kasey Smith: Ireland’s Eurovision entry 2014

Even without Ireland, viewers seeking kitsch and bling-bling will have plenty to choose from amongst the qualifiers. They include the Conchita Wurst (can that possibly be her real name?) from Austria singing ‘Rise like a phoenix';  buxom butter-churners for Poland with ‘My Slowanie’ and Norway’s heartfelt ballad ‘Silent Storm’.

The much-talked about Austrian act received a huge ovation in the press centre when the results were announced, and was also a particular favourite in the hall, along with Greece and Poland.

Over 10,000 spectators enjoyed the spectacular production in the Eurovision arena. The interval act included a live montage of ordinary European citizens doing hip hop dance; the first to perform was eight-year-old Megan Geoghegan from Bray, Co Wicklow.

2 thoughts on “Ireland goes flat in the Eurovision song contest

  1. The modern contest is a very slick, very high-tech beast and this Irish entry was – as much as it pains me to say it – dated and backward-looking. RTE now needs to have a really good look at how seriously it takes Eurovision and especially at its selection process if Ireland is to do well in the future.
    That said, Kasey and her team were very professional and congenial in the ‘bubble’ that is the Contest. Good ambassadors for Ireland. Just outplayed in what is, after all, one of the biggest competitions on the planet.

  2. A bit rough, Mme Editor, to blame Kasey.
    I’m impressed by Brian O’Reilly’s largely accurate, hard-headed & nuanced predictions about how the Irish offering would play in in semifinal 2, and his reservations about, in particular, staging decisions. See the Irish Independent:

    Thanks, Genevieve, Eurovisionary, for this alert.

    A Eurovision Novice.

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